Sunday, August 21, 2011

India Against Corruption

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone in India has heard about Anna Hazare.  Team Anna Hazare, has been protesting at ramlila maidan (in New Delhi) against the Government and is trying to push the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Over the years, Corruption in India has grown by leaps and bounds.  Everywhere there is some or the other form of corruption.  From getting a motor driving license to getting admission in a school/college, we i.e. the common man has to face corruption at all levels.

At bigger levels there is bigger corruption.  Indian politicians have found a way to exploit the system in the way they want it.  May it be, organizing Common Wealth Games or building roads, corruption is everywhere.

Corruption has made our nation handicapped.  Team Anna hopes that by implementing the Jan Lokpal Bill we can curb the corruption at high level by 60-65%.  I certainly hope that it gets implemented.

But what about us?  

At times, in many situations, we feel helpless against the system.  To get around it, we ourselves fuel the corruption.  Its high time that we change ourselves.  How many times we have given 100 Rs to the traffic cop and not taken a receipt?  I am sure most of us have done this, I certainly have done it.

Corruption is a two way process, person who is taking money is corrupt and person who is giving money is also corrupt.  We common man have to make sure that from now on, we will never every fuel corruption ourselves.  If we can do that, corruption can be reduced even further.  This is the first step!

Team Anna is taking great pains to push the Jan Lokapl Bill, the least we could do is change ourselves and stop fueling corruption.

In my entire life span, I have never seen India as united as it's today!  People of India want to get rid of corruption. 

A few days back, if we asked who he/she was, they would say they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. but today we are all Indians!  Indians who want a change!  We have forgotten our petty differences and have reunited.  It feels like a nation with 1 Billion+ people, aiming for one thing i.e. get rid of corruption!
My only message to government is, you better pay attention to our demands, else wait and perish!

There are very few times when we get to be part of history, in India today is that day!  Lets support Team Anna in this historic movement to remove corruption from our country! 

Charity begins at home, lets take a oath today that we will not fuel corruption in any way!  No more bribes!

Lets do whatever we could to support this movement in whatever way we could!  Jai Hind!
Have some Fun!