Saturday, May 31, 2014

The over prized indian elite fresher

From the title its pretty obvious that this is going to be a very controversial post.  So, before I move anything further, let me make it very clear that views expressed in this post are my personal view and are by no means intended to harm the reputation of any organisation or individual.

Recently, I had an opportunity to work with some of the elite engineers who are fresh out of the college.  The colleges they have been too are some of the topnotch colleges of India.  Companies have to pay big money to hire them.

For the sake of this post, we can divide these engineers into two categories, the top 10% and bottom 90%.  Top 10% are some of the most "beautiful minds" of the country.  They are really of topnotch quality and surely value for money.  We will not talk about these 10% engineers in this post.

My concern is the long tail of bottom 90% engineers and this post is about them.  This post is not to criticise anyone, the intent of this post is to provide some advice that can help these folks.

What makes me qualified to give any advice?  

Nothing really, I am a nobody and my advice are just my views, whether anyone wants to follow it or not, is totally onto them.

Let's start looking at some of the concerns.

Long way to catchup

I think the colleges need to make a conscious choice here.  The curriculum of the colleges have almost been the same since it was first designed.

The IT industry moves at a very fast pace, what was cool and hip today becomes old and disgusting tomorrow.  Colleges need to take continuos feedback from the industry, incorporate relevant changes that into their curriculum.  New innovations made in the industry should be inducted at the grass root level.

If we do this then the engineers coming out of college will be better prepared for working in the industry.  Companies will also be benefited because they will not have to spend time, money and energy behind training the fresh graduates (at least cost to make these engineers productive will reduce significantly).

Hunger to learn

Some of these folks think that, because they finished college, their days of learning new things are over.  Now is the time is to chill out and relax!

I am sorry to say this but reality does not coincide with this.  If you really want to be a good developer then, the days of learning new stuff will never end.

It again boils down to the fact that, our industry moves at a very fast pace.  If we want to be good developers all our life then, we got to learn new things day in and day out no matter where you pass out from.

One needs to have a strong hunger to keep learning, as Mr. Jobs says "Stay Hungary, Stay Foolish"

An open mind

Fresh engineers are at the very beginning of their career.  One needs to have exposure in variety of tools and technologies to be a good developer.  Working on multiple technologies broadens our horizon.

Do not walk away from something because you have not done that in the past.  There will always be "first time" for anything that you have ever done in life.  Welcome every opportunity to work on something that you have not worked on!

Keep your feet on the ground

These engineers are passing out from some of the most elite colleges of India.  It is natural to have very high expectations, but just because one has passed out from a very good college does not mean they that you will never struggle in their carrier.  Be humble and modest, ask yourself just one question, Am I really worth everything I am getting?  

In all likely hood the answer to this question will be "No".  Work hard enough to turn the answer to this question from a "No" to a "Yes"

Too much philosophy, I guess.  But these were some of the points I wanted to put out in the open to get an opinion of others from the community.  Until we meet again, "Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History!"
Have some Fun!