Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Last Alive Architect!

Have you ever met an Software Architect (or even worked with such a person) who thinks, he/she is the last alive Software Architect on the planet?
  • If your answer is Yes, then you will easily relate to this post :)
  • If its No, then I would have to say its definitely worth an experience - After all, life is not only about happiness :P
This rare species is facing extinction, but some of them have managed to survive.  Because they are so rare, finding them is almost like finding a needle in a hay stack!

Since they are so rare, how do you know when you have found one such person?

Here are some of the symptoms that people from this species exhibit:
  • They stopped reading about the latest in software development since 1981
  • They think all open source frameworks are crappy
  • They think the code written by them is the best possible in the world.
    • But in reality their code is a lot crappier than anything that you have seen before.
  • They would build everything from scratch.  Its their habit to reinvent the wheel.
    • For e.g. building a buggy ORM all by themselves (and of course being proud of it :P)
  • They think all code they write is bug free.  Since all their code is bug free, Unit Testing is such a big waste of time.
  • They can "talk static methods, they can walk static methods and the can laugh static methods, because static methods are the way to go!"
    • If you don't know the context around the dialog do see this clip
  • If given an opportunity, they would like to build a new programming language which runs on an Operating System built all by themselves.
As you can see, its definitely worth an experience meeting a person from this species.  My question to my readers is, whether you have ever met someone like this before?  If yes, do share any other symptoms that people of this species exhibit!

As a closing remark, here is an important disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are strictly personal and any resemblance to any real person is purely incidental and not intentional.
Have some Fun!