Friday, September 30, 2016

ICICI Bank and their goof-up's!

This is yet another post to highlight goof-up's made by ICICI Bank (one of the biggest banks in India).

What I wanted to get done?

My current debit card had a problem because of which it used to work in some ATM's and some ATM's refuse to accept it.  All I wanted, was to get a replacement debit card.

Goof-up 1
  • I went to the ICICI Bank branch which is almost next door to where I stay.  
  • Told them I want to get a replacement debit card
  • The bank representative took the request and assured that the card will be delivered in 10 days
  • To my surprise after a few days I received a message saying my new cheque book has been dispatched to my communication address.
  • So although I wanted a replacement debit card they decided to send me a cheque book instead :P
Goof-up 2
  • Since visiting the branch didn't seem to solve my issue, I decided to place the request for my replacement debit card using Phone Banking.
  • The lady took the request and gave me the tracking number as well.  
  • I checked with her, the address to which the card will be delivered and it was accurate
  • She assured me that the card will be delivered in 10 days.
  • After a few days, I got an SMS saying the card has been dispatched and I got the tracking details of the card as well.  The card was being dispatched from Delhi.
  • To my surprise, I found that the card was going to Ahmedabad!  
  • From Delhi why would the card go to Ahmedabad when I stay in Pune?
  • I called up the call centre to find out whats going on.  The lady said that, "from Ahmedabad it will come to Pune, don't worry".
  • To my horror when I tracked the card again (after a couple of days) it said it was delivered to someone in Ahmedabad!
  • I immediately called the call centre and they said its delivered to some ICICI Branch at Ahmedabad.  The lady said that she is marking an email and ensuring that the card gets delivered to my Pune address from Ahmedabad.
  • I was like WTF is going on!  
Goof-up 3
  • After a few days I realised that they have send the card from Ahmedabad to my old communication address @ Ankleshwar via Speed Post.
  • Obviously, I don't stay there right now, so I called the callcenter and told them about this error and asked them to recall the card immediately.
  • The lady again assured that the card won't be delivered since you are not staying at that place and will come back to one of the ICICI Bank branch.
  • This was getting tricker by the minute.  
  • After a few days another Surprise, the card was delivered to my old communication address to someone without even checking for ID Proof.
  • Wait wait there is more, even the debit card pin got delivered to the same place.
  • I was lucky that it was collected by my old neighbour but it could have very easily landed into hands of any un-trust worthy person.
  • By this time I was fed up with them and I decided to write to them about the whole episode and here is their response:
We inform you that as you are in non receipt of the debit card, you may call customer care and block the debit card through IVR and place the request for reissue of the debit card to be delivered to any of your nearest ICICI bank branch so that it gets delivered in 05 working days and you may collect it from the branch.
  •  They tell me to block the debit card number which was not delivered to me - Then how the hell would I know the number @#$@#$
  • They also asked to request a replacement debit card all over again!! - Its like, I have nothing else to do in life but to play Debit Card, Debit Card with ICICI Bank.
I fail to understand how such a big bank which is supposed to have state of the art software and facilities can operate like a bank from 1980's?

PS: All events mentioned in this post are completely real and I would recommend everyone dealing with ICICI Bank to be extremely careful with your account and its security.
Have some Fun!