Tuesday, January 31, 2023

My Messy Work Desk

Recently I posted on LinkedIn about My Messy Work Desk. Here are more details about each item and where to find it.

I started out with the laptop on my bed and let me tell you, it was a bad idea. Remote working when not done right, can easily go very very wrong.

At Makkajai we encourage and enable everyone to make all necessary changes to their work desks so that we do not have adverse impact on our bodies. Other than getting a proper table and a chair, here are some more changes I did to my work desk.

The Stand

Got a raised metallic stand for my MacBook. It's a small investment (~Rs. 2000) that makes a huge difference to your posture and comfort.

The Monitor

Got a 24" monitor (~Rs 24000) to increase my efficiency. Now I don't have to keep switching between windows. This monitor also comes with an All-In-One USB-C port for power and data transfer. This means if you use the USB-C connector, it can charge the MacBook as well.

The Monitor Stand

To make sure the monitor doesn't take up too much space, I got a dual monitor stand (~Rs. 3000). This one is underrated but totally necessary. The arms of this stand can be moved in different direction so that you can get that perfect title on your display. 

Initially I thought I will create a 3 display setting. Left monitor, Centre MacBook screen and Right Monitor. But after trying for a few days, it didn't workout for me. It might be because the older monitor looked so much worse compared to the new monitor and MacBook display. 

PS: I already had an old monitor when I got a new one. You can see that on the right side behind the MacBook screen. Because both monitors are from different companies and their dimensions are different too, they do not align perfectly. Now I use this monitor as a display for my Mac Mini. 

The Keyboard

A set of bluetooth keyboard and mouse (~Rs. 2500) to avoid pain in my hands.

The Desk

This is the desk (~Rs. 6000) on which everything fits perfectly.


A total investment of ~Rs. 37500 - this has already saved me a lot of future body pain and has given many hours of productivity boost!
Have some Fun!