Saturday, June 24, 2023

Uttrakhand - Jim Corbett National Park - Part 1

For this summer vacation we visited Uttrakhand!

We divided the trip into two parts, the first part where we visited a few places and in the second part we were to trek for 6 days to reach Chandrashila. The whole trip was very enriching experience for all of us. Especially the trek was amazing for many reasons, for starters it was our first multi day family trek! But I am getting a bit head of my self here, lets get this post started and we will talk about the trek when we reach there. 

We flew to Delhi and from there took a train to Ramnagar railway station. Ramnagar borders the Jim Corbett National Park. Jim Corbett National Park, it is one of the best national park in the country. The flora and fauna is just postcard perfect!

It is filled with vast grass lands and dense forests. We got to see all kinds of weather here, clear skies, thick cloud cover and even rain.

Among other things, we saw many different animals and birds.

Crocodile basking in the sun  

A family of wild boars

A camouflaged Jackal

Many beautiful birds

But the highlight of our trip to Jim Corbett were two distinct things

An Elephant Family crossing the road!

And a Sambar barking at us as it wasn't very happy with with our presence!

The Safari's are done in open Jeeps like this one and they are a lot of fun.

We were lucky to get to stay in the Forest Rest House, it was an awesome experience. The rest houses are well maintained and since they are in the middle of the forest, during the night you can hear all sorts of animal sounds.

I would recommend doing at least 3-4 Safari's here, this will give you a taste of the forest and its vast flora and fauna! I would highly recommend Jim Corbett national park to all nature lovers!
Have some Fun!