Thursday, January 25, 2024

Bhutan - The Land of Happiness - Part 2

Now we continue our journey into picturesque Bhutan, if you haven't already read the Part-1 of this post, I would highly recommend you to do that now before going forward. 

So far we had been mesmerised by the beautiful Dzongs, Clean rivers, Magical mornings and not to forget the Taktsang Trek. Next our journey took us to highest motorable point in Bhutan i.e. the Chele La Pass. 

Its a very scenic place surrounded with mountains in all directions. 

Just like with other places in Bhutan this one has lots of colorful flags all around us. Beautiful breeze constantly keeps blowing here, the scenery is just picture perfect.

Next was Dochula Pass, here you will see a complex of 108 stupas arranged in a circular fashion. 

Notice the small little square in the middle of all Stupas? That has a neatly painted Buddha surrounded by typical Bhutan wood work. It looks very beautiful. 

There is a nice coffee shop near by, this is where I met one of the most adorable Tibetan Mastiff. I instantly fell in love with it.

Next day it was time to visit Phobjikha valley, this is a must visit place, the valley is like an amphitheater of nature. This place is considered as the Switzerland of Bhutan. If you are lucky you can even spot the black necked crane

Near by there is a beautiful monastery called the Lhodrak Kharchu Monastery

Next it was time to visit the Punakha Dzong, a beautiful fairy tale Dzong at the bank of the river. 

The Dzong is magnificent, its huge and its beautiful at the same time. 

Later we visited the Thimphu Palace in the evening. Its is a spectacle to the eyes in the evening when all the lights come up. 

Its surrounded by these beautiful maple trees which looked magical during the evening.

Finally it was time to visit the massive, golden Buddha statue sitting in a meditation pose. Statue is grandiose and peaceful at the same time!

By now it was time to head back home. Bhutan is an amazingly beautiful place, her natural beauty and her people something I will cherish forever! We loved it, totally recommended! 
Have some Fun!