Thursday, February 28, 2013

KungFu Panda

If you have come to this post, thinking that you will get information about the famous movie KungFu Panda then, its the wrong place.  But if you have come to this post for getting information on KungFu itself, then you are in luck.

I Always wanted to learn some art of self defence.  A few months back, KungFu class was started in Periwinkle club near Roseland Residency, Pune.  This was like the perfect opportunity for me to actually learn an art of self defence. 

This class was started by none other than Master Shifu Shi Yan Du - Kanishka Sharma.  He was the first person to go to China and get trained from Shaolin Temple.  His resume is extremely impressive you can view his complete profile here.

Naturally, I was interested in joining the class as soon as I came to know about it.  I joined the class and am very satisfied with it.  I thought of sharing my experience with the community in the hope that it might help others as well.

Before joining the class, I thought of KungFu as an art of self defence but after joining the class I discovered that KungFu is a hell lot more than just an art of self defence.  Its  a way of life.  There is KungFu in everything that we do.

Each class is very well organized and lasts for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The class can be divided into five to six segments
  • Warm-up - Its extremely important that a proper worm-up is completed before the real exercise.
  • Basic Drills - These are performed so that the basic steps are done properly and they become the part of subconscious mind.  
  • Advanced Forms - These are a series of stances, which help in different situations to protect and attack
  • Quick release and Locking techniques - Whenever a person is directly or indirectly involved in a street fight, the first step should be to get out of it.  If getting out is not possible then locking the other person is the best strategy.  This segment is completely focused on this aspect of any street fight.
  • Meditation - Another very important aspect of life is being at Peace with everyone around and most importantly with yourself.
  • Cool off - After a healthy workout its extremely important to cool off your body and this is exactly what we do in this segment.
All the KungFu exercises focus on development of all parts of the brain.  The exercises focus on developing neuromuscular coordination.  This helps is effectively development and training of brain.

KungFu greatly improves the response/reaction time of an average human being.  Because the exercises focus on all parts of the body, each and every muscle of the body gets toned and you feel fitter than ever!

The instructor - Master Parikshit is an awesome person.  His style of teaching students is very simple.  He believes in simplicity and I am yet to meet a person who is more straight forward than him.

In today's world when, we are hearing so many bad incidents happening to adults and kids, I feel its extremely important that each and everyone of us should know basic art of self defence. 

I request all parents to teach their children at least some art of self defence.

I hope that we never have to use it ever in our life but if the situation demands then we shall be ready!

Join the KungFu class today!
Have some Fun!