Friday, March 29, 2013

Sorry State of Indian Television Content

You turn on the television and browse to check if there is anything interesting to watch, I am sorry to say but I am almost always disappointed.

I thought of expressing my frustration with the India Television Media in this post.

Before you read any further, here's the general disclaimer,
BEWARE, this is a bitching post.  I am going to crib about almost everything that is shown these days on the television.  The opinion expressed here are my personal opinions.  
Now back to bitching:

Daily Soaps 

I watch none of the Daily Soaps but, once in a blue moon when my parent come over, I get a forced-opportunity to see one or two episodes of one of the most popular soaps.

They give me all updates in exactly 30 seconds, these updates approximately covers 30-60 odd episodes that I might have missed!  Can you believe that, the story has barely moved in 30-60 episodes.  Moreover, when I hear the story, the only feeling I have is, What a waste of time!

There is nothing new that has happened.  Either someone got married or someone's marriage is about to be broken these are the only two events around which all soaps operate. 

All the sops just pass time and fill episodes in the usual functions and festivities there is absolutely no logic in the storyline.  Most likely even the director and story writer have forgotten what their aim was.

I feel cheated, when I watch any of these sops. Its just a pure waste of time and that too in the most unproductive way imaginable.  One should sleep or not do anything, absolutely nothing rather than watching these soaps.

Worst part is, these soaps only show events around marriage and nothing else.  They show women in a very saddist environment.  One women is jealous of the other.  Or they are fighting for the same guy.  Or something else, equally senseless.

My questions to all the viewers of these soaps is that, why do you watch them.  What do you get out of each of these never ending meaning less soaps? 

Reality Shows

There is hardly any reality in these reality shows, I think everyone knows that.  Most of the fights and masala that we see on the reality shows is scripted!

I can't digest the fact that there is a reality show like Big Boss.  I don't understand why would anyone watch it ever.  Not only that, but there are seasons of such shows on air, man that is amazing!

The real watch-able part of an hour long reality show is exactly 10 minutes (or less).  Rest everything is just bakwas from the judges or some other celebrity.  These are filled with false laughters and false emotions.

Satyamev Jayate was I think one of the best reality show in the history of reality shows.  People should take some inspiration from it.

News channels

These days, what happened in a particular episode of daily soaps or reality show is shown as news.  Can you believe that.  I mean the soaps and reality shows are pathetic themselves, showing them again on news channels is something beyond me.

Why would you do that?  Are you running a news channel or a gossip channel?

If some celebrity gets stomach-ache, then it becomes breaking news.  Why such poor quality of content?

If you watch any Indian News Channel, just notice the presentation skills of the anchor, he/she is so very stressed out and they try to present the news with such high level of stress.

I don't know what they are thinking, but I feel, they must be thinking that, this way they can show how important the news is (which in reality is not that important).  Just count the number of times they try to promote their channel by saying,
These pictures are brought to you exclusively by so and so news channel
or something like that. 

Our news channels dont really present news, 90% of time they only present gossip.

Can we take some inspiration from CNN and BBC to improve our presentation and content?

My general complain is that why can't our media be any creative?  Why cant it think of innovative ideas for entertainment?  Why can't we have really good content to see at prime time?

There are more than 400 channels but sadly, may be only 4 good programs in total that are worth watching.

We should all just boycott the below average and poor television content by simply not watching it!
Have some Fun!