Sunday, March 31, 2019

We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring! Yep, you head me. We Are Hiring!

If I had to describe my entire journey at Makkajai in one word, it would be "FUN". Every single day has so much to offer, new challenges, newer and bigger problems to tackle, lots and lots of learning and above have lots of fun!

It's a company that I co-founded, so I am programmed to like it. However, here are some data points that might help you decide for yourself. Here is a small list of achievements from the past year

  • We have written code in about 8 different programming languages.
  • Build lots of tools and services to enable our marketing team drive organic growth
  • Built and released 3 new games, with a very thin DEV team.
  • Did numerous hours of play testing of our games with actual kids. Incorporated play testing feedback into our apps.
  • Our Content team built 60 books worth of printables which is available to print from our apps

We are growing, we want to do even more awesome stuff.

If you are bored doing routine stuff, if you are in your comfort zone and that scares you, here is your opportunity. 

Click Here to see all our open positions, apply only if you don't fear challenges and are ready to make a real impact on learning outcomes for millions of kids worldwide!
Have some Fun!