Sunday, May 26, 2019

Majestic Meghalaya - Part 1

We were looking out for next holiday destination for a family vacations. After evaluating a few options, we narrowed it down to Meghalaya. We had already been to Sikkim earlier and we were extremely impressed with its beauty and overall we had a very memorable experience. We were expecting the same and more from Meghalaya. We booked the customised itinerary via Travel Triangle

I was in for a very pleasant surprise, Meghalaya is not only culturally very rich but also extremely beautiful. The mountains, picturesque villages, beautiful water bodies, lovely landscapes, you name it and its there!

We landed in Gangtok and went straight to the famous Kamakhya Temple. It's a beautiful temple with rich history.

Kamakhya Temple

We reached Shillong pretty late in the evening so we decided crash at the hotel. Next morning, we were greeted with jaw dropping landscapes, beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom, and beautiful gardens.

Cherry Blossoms

Wards Lake

One important thing that we noticed as soon as we entered Meghalaya is the amount of cleanliness maintained by each and every individual, this is I think a common sight in the entire north east. Sikkim was super clean too!

Next day, we continued our journey towards Dawki and Umgot, on the way you can see some majestic views of mountains with full green cover.

At Dawki you can see the India-Bangladesh border and the friendship gate.

Next we went for a boating trip on the Umgot river.

Umgot river is a beautiful river, you can see the bottom of the river bed through the crystal clear water!

By this time, we were truly mesmerised by the beauty of Meghalaya. In the next post, I will cover the remainder of our trip.

Have some Fun!